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Professional Subdivision Builders in Adelaide

At Melisi Homes, we know that subdivisions can be challenging and stressful. That is why our subdivision builders in Adelaide are here to help you. Subdivisions are becoming a popular and affordable option for a number of home builders in Adelaide. This is an excellent investment that involves building two or more homes. You can decide to live in one home and rent out the other. If you are looking for subdivision experts in Adelaide, you are on the right track.

Melisi Homes is a family-owned building company with over 50 years of experience. Our family values, experience and passion for construction make us the building company you can trust. We strive to deliver quality homes that meet your needs and reflect your lifestyle. Our professional builders will provide you with a unique design and ensure that your subdivision is seamless from the beginning to the completion. We provide honest services and believe in open communication to meet your specific needs.

Subdivision Builders in Adelaide Who Provide Outstanding Results

If you thought it was too difficult to demolish and build two or more properties on one site, you have not spoken to our trusted subdivision builders in Adelaide. We are qualified and licenced to carry out multi-property developments. Subdividing your property comes with several advantages. Reducing your allotment size will reduce the maintenance of your home while increasing your income. Holding and investment properties attract good depreciation claims and tax deductibility on the interest of the loan.

If you feel you have outgrown your home but do not wish to leave your neighbours, consider building a new home with low maintenance demands and new fixtures. You can sell or rent out the second property to reduce your debt. If you live on a corner block, cut off the rear yard, build a new home at the back and then renovate the existing one.

Reasons to Choose Our Subdivision Builders in Adelaide

Working with professional subdivision builders in Adelaide ensures that you get outstanding results within the given timeframe. Building a home is a significant investment, so you must select the best company for this process. With Melisi Homes, you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands. We understand that choices can be confusing, so we offer free variations during the build process.

Other builders will charge you up to $1000 to make simple changes. We will never try any standover tactics or force you to sign any contract. We are professionals and will not allow you to sign a contract on a design you are not confident in, only to be surprised with unexpected additional costs.

Melisi Homes believes in providing quality tradespeople who will answer any question at any stage of the building process. Reach out to us to begin your property subdivision journey.

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