Row Dwelling

Melisi Homes specialise in row dwelling buildings

Are you looking for professional builders? Look no further because, with Melisi Homes, you are guaranteed the best row dwelling builder. Our business deals with multi-property developments. If you want to demolish your current property and build three or four blocks on a single site, our skilled professionals are always ready to help. We engage our clients in every development stage. With the best designers in the industry, we hold face-to-face consultations to ensure you achieve your dream building.

Moreover, our team is well versed in the essentials of building procedures and processes. Downtime is never our expectation. We provide seamless building processes with coordinated trades, thanks to our specialised team. Although we value timely delivery of the required services, we never sacrifice quality. Additionally, we ensure affordability and reliability for all our clients. At Melisi Homes, we take pride in satisfactory results thanks to the positive testimonials we receive from our clients.

Maximised Investments, Row dwelling builders

As specialist Row Dwelling builders, our experts will ensure that the outcome of your project is second-to-none. Our team at Melisi Homes have the knowledge, know-how and experience to create the investment outcome you're after.  Whether you're looking to sub-divide and sell or perhaps you're looking to downsize from your current property, there are a number of reasons clients choose to invest in Row Dwelling properties.

If you love your street address and your neighbours but maybe not your home, we help you weigh up your options. We could offer a multitude of solutions, this could include building elsewhere or even discussing whether a knockdown rebuild is right for you! We may even suggest constructing a new reduced maintenance home such as a Row Dwelling. Discuss your needs with the Melisi Homes team and we'll strive to offer the personalised advice that best suits your needs.

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Clients of ours get to experience the highest-quality row dwelling building services. We are always ready and available to help you. If you are enquiring about any of our services, you will always receive instant responses through email or phone calls. We also encourage face-to-face interactions with our clients to ensure sound decision making. Engaging our clients in every development stage ensures that the building processes align with their vision.

Improper financial planning usually leads to surprising additional costs when putting up a new property, demolishing an old one, or renovating a present building. However, our team will work closely with you to avoid unnecessary and unplanned expenses when it comes to budgeting matters. Our team will take away your stress however we can, whether it’s the reinforcement of our skilled workmanship, or understanding the application for council approval. We want you to enjoy the building process.

Contact the Melisi Homes team on (08) 8365 5300 if you have any questions about our row dwelling (builders/building) services.